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Not cheap, but reasonable!

Schäper products stand out mainly due to our price-service-ratio. Nevertheless, the company had to adjust to the changing market. The shortage of financial resources are forcing customers to settle for less quality and service in order to receive a reduced price. The company Schäper has decided to “limitedly” follow this trend. Our logistics and production were efficiently restructured and the cost reduction that we achieved is passed onto our customers. As well as this, in almost all product areas we have designed and presented an alternative.

“Not cheap, but reasonable” was our main focus during development. Today, the customer can decide between two alternatives, however they can be sure that they are purchasing the typical Schäper quality. Also in the production and marketing areas, Schäper was forerunner and Benchmark setter.

Everything from one source –
from the planning to the logistics!

Sports equipment, such as football goals or hurdles are required to withstand high stress. Due to this, the quality standard within Schäper Sportgerätebau GmbH is extremely high and has been since the founding of Schäper more than 55 years ago.

To maintain the high quality standards, everything is managed in-house. In the production of our sports equipment we deliberately do not take use of personal-leasing companies, but rely on our well trained in-house professionals. From the delivery of the profiles to the delivery of the finished sport equipment – this way, the consistent quality standard can be maintained!

Our fully welded products for example, have an 8 year manufacturer’s guarantee.